Is It Possible To Lose Weight Without Diet, Just With Exercise?

Is It Possible To Lose Weight Without Diet, Just With Exercise?

Many openly admit that “we live once!” they are reluctant to give up delicious snacks and torture themselves with a diet. In this case, however, you need to be very careful not to “get rid” of your diet and train really consciously!

Is It Possible To Lose Weight Without Diet, Just With Exercise?
Is It Possible To Lose Weight Without Diet, Just With Exercise?

1. No More “Little Time” Excuses!

Basically, math is going to lose weight if you run into a calorie deficit, meaning you burn more calories a day than you eat. Since losing weight without a diet is your goal and you don’t want to save on intake, you need to increase your calorie burning.

This means that you should exercise at least (!) 3-4 times a week. Divide your weight training into muscle groups and work for only one larger muscle group a day. But do it well thoroughly, in about 60 minutes, which should include at least four or five exercises.

The rest time between sets should not exceed one minute. At the end of the reinforcement, cardio can come, which you will have to make friends with! It should be 30 to 60 minutes long, depending on your daily diet – and the amount of fat you want to lose.

2. Quality Work First And Foremost!

These at least 3 to 4 workouts a week should be extremely consciously put together, and you need to be prepared for this in your head. Before training, think about what you are going to do. Have a specific workout plan, see in front of you the full schedule from when you arrive at the gym (running the place, etc.), from warming up to stretching. Focus on what you are doing and the number of tasks should not be at the expense of quality.

3. Everything You Need, But In A Variety Of Ways!

It’s not like “I’m just cardio today, maybe tomorrow weights”. You need both to achieve a beautiful, toned, and tight figure, especially if you don’t support the processes with proper nutrition. At the same time, you need to be careful not to drown your workout in monotony.

Change the number of repetitions regularly during weight training. In one week or month, have a series with a high number of repetitions, up to over 50, in other cases use 10-12 repetitions. But you can also play by reducing your rest times. Or you can even use supersets when you do two tasks in a row without rest time for the same or opposite muscle group (for example, two biceps exercises or one biceps and one triceps exercise for arms training).

And with cardio training, switch machines or forms of exercise regularly so you won’t get bored. You can do this daily or weekly. But you can even spend 30-30 minutes on two different machines in one workout.

And the most obvious is playing with resistance or tempo, which is not only possible for 1 minute fast, 1 minute slow, but you can also try the pyramid method, for example. That is, you gradually increase the tempo, for example, every minute to the maximum, and then decrease it back in increments to the beginning.

4. Be An Explorer!

If you always use only exercise machines and one-handed dumbbells in the room, go one level and finally discover the other tools as well. It may seem at first that flexing the arm to the biceps with a hand barbell is the same as with a straight bar or French bar or kettlebell or rubber band, possibly resting the upper arm on a bench, etc. But in fact, each version treats the same muscle group a little differently,

Deploying a variety of tools is a great way to use supersets – say, do 10 arm bends with dumbbells and then 10 more with a rubber band. And then there’s the step-bench, the medical ball, the sandbag, the wheelbarrow, the gymstick, the TRX, and so on. Always stick to the same things. If you feel unsure about which tool to use regularly and effectively, search for videos on the web or ask your coach for help!

5. Trick A Little!

Losing weight without a diet can only be achieved by training to change your eating habits with a few small tricks – these can help control your appetite. First, drink a glass of water before each meal. Try to eat as slowly as possible, the brain needs time to sense if you are full. Eat vegetable and meat soups regularly.

A good minestrone soup not only warms you up in the cool of autumn but is also hearty. This way you get fuller sooner and you also help keep your fluid intake at the right level. Chew or brush your teeth regularly because the strong mint flavor will take away the taste of your food, so you won’t want them that much.

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