What are the causes of indecision? How to be more aware in decision situations?

What are the causes of indecision? How to be more aware in decision situations?

What are the causes of indecision? What characterizes an indecisive person? How to overcome indecision?

What characterizes an indecisive person?

There are two ways for both the indecisive and the decisive person.

The indecisive man, on the other hand, does not step on either path, he hopes that the two paths will one day become one.

It is characterized by procrastination, it cannot choose from the options. You can drag the decision to extremes or make a decision that can be easily overwritten later.

Sometimes you have a hard time making a decision, there is no problem with that, the problem starts when it becomes chronic.

Indecision can nestle in your everyday life and make it harder for you to make ends meet than just the big decisions in your life. Even the smallest things can set you back in progress.

What are the causes of indecision? How to be more aware in decision situations?
What are the causes of indecision? How to be more aware in decision situations?

Indecision stems from a lack of acceptance of the uncertainty of human existence. An indecisive person does not accept that life is about transient and constant change.

A series of life choices if you don’t live up to it will make your development very difficult.

From another point of view, indecision can also be interpreted as a bad habit that stems from internal fears.

What are the causes of indecision? What is causing the problem?

In many cases, some kind of trauma causes indecision. It may be necessary to go back to childhood to find the root cause.

1. Indecision due to anxiety

When an indecisive person is faced with more choices, it can easily become anxious.

He researches the possible solutions and runs the expected consequences several times. Then, however, he postpones decisions, he may not even decide, but stays in one place.

The condition from which he is unable to move makes him anxious.

Moreover, in the worst case, it passes the decision on to others, exposing itself to the outside world. In such cases, he is no longer in control of his own life, the direct consequence of which will be a spiritual crisis.

2. Indecision due to uncertainty

An indecisive person does not believe in himself, which is why he is insecure. Your lack of self-confidence can torment you with the constant worry that consumes a lot of energy.

Otherwise, he is constantly asking for the advice of others because he does not believe in his own strength. This also leads to vulnerability, as there are no independent decisions.

3. Fear of a bad decision

When you decide, there are always consequences. Possible scenarios could be analyzed indefinitely, which is a waste of energy. An indecisive person tends to walk into this trap.

He’s afraid he can’t handle the situations that await him. In an unfavorable case, you will be in an even worse situation than before.

This is when the mind plays to create situations that have not yet happened. The indecisive man is under the influence of this mind game that can paralyze him.

If you do not move out of a situation, you are blocking the opportunity for development yourself.

A bad decision doesn’t really exist, it’s just a decision and a consequence. When you get in an awkward position because of a decision, you’re actually gaining new experience. Nothing lasts forever, not even in uncomfortable situations.

What are the causes of indecision How to be more aware in decision situations
What are the causes of indecision How to be more aware in decision situations

4. Striving for perfection

The pursuit of perfection breeds indecision. The person feels that he is not good enough, in fact, he does not accept his less favorable qualities.

He also wants to see the perfect in the outside world, which makes it difficult to deal with unexpected situations as his world, which he thought was perfect, collapses. He would keep everything under control and have a constant feeling of inner dissatisfaction in him.

The pursuit of perfection can also stem from toxic parent-child relationships. For example, a person has received too strict an education or has met unfulfilled expectations.

Because of this, you will have high expectations of yourself and your environment as an adult.

What characterizes a person with decision-making power? How is he different?

A decision-making person is able to put down a vote for a decision without anxiety and relatively easily. He feels inner strength and trusts in his own abilities.

1. Has a good self-knowledge

He who knows himself knows what is good for him.

A person who knows himself assumes his qualities, whether positive or negative. He controls his life, he sees change as a natural process. You know that life is about making decisions.

You can position yourself well in the world, you have your own path along which to move forward. It follows that he is able to make decisions.

2. You have self-confidence

Self-confidence is a prerequisite for self-confidence. When I know what’s good for me, there’s no doubt about it, so it’s easier to make a decision.

A person full of self-confidence is able to make a decision, he does not doubt himself. Before making a decision, at must think about which will be the best option for him.

What are the causes of indecision How to be more aware in decision situations
What are the causes of indecision How to be more aware in decision situations

3. Accept and manage the state of uncertainty

It is not possible to know for sure the outcome of a decision before making a decision. A person with good judgment is able to endure a state of uncertainty.

There is also the possibility of error in the uncertainty, which is what the decisive person calculates.

Before making a decision, you can think about the options and what to do. When the decisive person does everything in his preparations, his conscience will be clear. In addition, he accepts his own limitations and knows that he cannot control everything.

4. It does not strive for perfection at all costs

He who does not strive for perfection assesses his own performance well and does not overdo it. It maintains the right balance of work and rest and does not pursue the illusion of perfection.

He who is never satisfied with himself will never be happy.

Nothing can be perfect, the decisive person knows this well. As a result, it is easier to accept your own mistakes and overcome failures sooner.

5. Accept realities

A decisive person accepts his or her current life and tries to make the most of it. He is not bothered by waiting, he knows that it takes time to succeed and achieve goals.

You can assess your own possibilities well, your expectations of yourself are not unrealistic, so you will not be disappointed.

6. You have well-defined goals

One of the secrets of success is a well-defined goal, and continuous decisions are needed to achieve this.

A decisive person trusts himself and dares to change his life. Your goals are achievable and well-timed. You know that your decisions empower you to achieve your goals.

Can indecision be overcome?

It can be overcome, of course, but it requires persistence and hard work. First, the root causes need to be sought, even with the help of a professional.

To eliminate indecision, it is important to get to know yourself and rewrite the toxic programs that run inside you.

Indecision is a bad habit, it takes a lot of practice to overwrite it.

Let’s take a look at some practical tips to help with this!

Tips for overcoming indecision

  • Strive not for the perfect, but for the optimal, the option that already fills you with satisfaction!
  • Accept that you can’t make a perfect decision!
  • Practice your decision, you will save a lot of time and energy from worrying! It’s worth starting with the little things first.
  • Set yourself a priority list for your goals.
  • Start paying attention to yourself and your inner voice instead of the outside world!

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