40 Important Relationship Issues For A Harmonious Life

40 Important Relationship Issues For A Harmonious Life

What important relationship questions are there that are good for you to ask yourself and your partner? How can this help in problematic situations?

Relationship issues and conversations are designed to make your relationship as harmonious as possible.

Did you talk to your partner today? Now I am not thinking about the weather and the news, but about your soul. Did you tell him about your feelings, the processes going on in your soul?

A balanced relationship requires really deep and honest conversations. In this writing, I have gathered questions for you that are worth asking yourself and your partner from time to time.

Why, when, and in what phases is it worth asking the following relationship questions?

Continuous communication within a relationship is very important. Not only its existence but also it’s quality.

There are levels of communication that range from stenciled, factual statements to in-depth conversations. It is the name of Gary Smalley, an American couple and family therapist, who developed the levels of communication.

  1. Level of templates. Superficial, distant conversation, including “ How are you?” types of issues. This level is for communication.
  2. Level of facts. We give the other information about what happened to us that day, but without emotion.
  3. Level of opinion. At this level, you can learn about your partner’s goals, desires, and fears.
  4. Level of emotions. Here you are more open to your partner, but you still have the fear of rejection.
  5. Level of intimate communication. Honest, open, loving communication. At this level, you can actually get to know each other.

Relationship questions are worth asking each other on a regular, daily basis. It also helps deepen the relationship between you, respect each other, and trust.

With regular conversations, you can avoid chilling out, have less conflict between you, and be aware of your partner’s real needs.

The purpose of related questions is to reach the level of intimate communication together and really get to know each other.

How can these relationship questions help you?

  • You get to know your partner and yourself better.
  • Relationship issues are an opportunity to deepen your relationship.
  • You can get new information about your partner, you can see it from a different perspective.
  • There may be things on the surface that you didn’t even expect about your partner.
  • Honesty, discovering the deepest secrets of your soul, builds the trust between you.
  • It’s easier to get over difficult situations because you know each other.
  • Conflict management between you will be more effective.
40 Important Relationship Issues For A Harmonious Life
40 Important Relationship Issues For A Harmonious Life

40 important relationship issues for a harmonious life

Here are 40 relationship questions designed to help you build deep connections and build trust with each other.

1. What do you like about yourself?

It is an important question because self-love is the starting point. When one does not love and respects oneself, one will not receive love and respect from one’s partner.

2. What do you like about your couple?

It sure is! It’s good to signal these qualities to your partner, it will only strengthen him and the relationship between you as well.

3. How do you feel when you think of your partner?

Feelings do not lie, the first thoughts and feelings always come from the depths of your soul. Watch the feelings you develop as you think of your partner.

4. What did you learn from your partner?

The essence of all human relationships is to develop and get to know yourself as much as possible. Your partner is your mirror, pointing out the things you just have to learn.

5. What did you teach your partner?

You to act as a mirror for your couple. When you show him a new perspective, you pass on knowledge to him. Give a very good thing!

6. Why are you proud of your partner?

When you are proud of someone, it indicates that you respect and accept him.

7. What are the qualities that your partner would need to improve on?

It is also important how much these qualities bother you and how much they threaten the stability of the relationship.

8. What are the qualities you would need to improve on?

This is a question of self-knowledge, perhaps these are the most difficult questions because they require mirroring.

9. Which trait of your partner bothers you the most?

If you have any of these qualities, you should report them to your partner as soon as possible.

10. In your opinion, which of your qualities disturbs your partner the most?

Ask yourself this question first, then ask your partner. Will you think the same thing?

11. How are you similar?

The like, the like attracts! A love affair is based on a similar outlook on life, without which your relationship will not work in the long run.

12. How are you different?

Of course, we are not exactly the same. It’s worth collecting the qualities that set you apart.

13. To what extent do you agree on the relevant issues?

This is perhaps one of the most important issues in a relationship. Because of the difference between your views is too great, long-term cooperation will not take place either.

14. How do you deal with stressful situations together?

In stressful situations, relationships are measured.

15. When was the last time you were really happy with your partner?

Hopefully, you will be able to answer this question in a fraction of a second.

16. Which moment you spent with your partner would you relive?

When you recall a fond memory in yourself, pleasant feelings permeate it again.

17. Can your couple make you laugh?

Humor is also an essential part of a relationship. It helps you to experience and enjoy the present moment.

18. Can you make your partner laugh?

It’s good to give back to your partner the cheerful moments he got from him.

19. What are the leisure activities you both enjoyed?

Relaxation and recharging are important in life. Time spent together is also important in a relationship.

20. Do you feel that your relationship is developing?

Development and change are the foundation of a relationship. A well-functioning relationship ensures self-knowledge and the opportunity for constant development.

21. What common goals have you achieved together?

Man is a communal being, he needs to experience a sense of belonging. This can also be experienced within a relationship. Every success achieved together strengthens the relationship.

22. What are your common goals for the future?

This is a very important relationship issue, it is important that you keep in one direction.

23. What would you definitely like to try out in the company of your partner?

You definitely have desires and dreams that you want to realize with your partner. Does he already know about these desires?

24. Is your partner the first person you tell if something very important has happened in your life?

It is also a basic human need to tell others what has happened. Who is it to whom you first reveal the important experiences of your life? It reveals a lot.

25. When your friends ask about your partner, do you answer them honestly?

Is there anything you feel you should cover-up? If so, it indicates you still have work to do with acceptance.

26. Do you discuss the most important things with each other?

Communication is very important within a relationship. Many times you may think you know for sure what’s going on in your partner’s mind because you already know him. Then, after a conversation, it turns out the exact opposite is going on in him.

27. Do you give feedback to your partner if you may be offended?

It is important that you indicate your needs. Tell your partner honestly exactly what was going on inside of you when it did something that hurt you!

28. Will your partner honestly tell you if you hurt him?

When you find that you prefer to contain your grievances, encourage him to open up to you! This will strengthen mutual trust.

29. How often do you have deep conversations?

Another important topic is relationship issues. The trust mentioned above can be consolidated through regular and honest conversations.

30. Are there any secrets you keep in front of your partner?

Secrets are exciting at first but can break up the relationship later. It is a relief when it is no longer necessary to cover up something. Because hiding a secret also requires energy from you.

31. Have you ever lied to your partner?

What was the reason for this? Recall this event to yourself and what it had to do with it.

32. Has your partner lied to you yet?

If so, what did he lie to you about? Also, ask him what happened to him when he lied!

33. Do you trust each other to the maximum?

Trust is essential. Ask each other this question by looking into each other’s eyes. Then listen to how you feel.

34. Have you ever been jealous of your partner?

Behind the jealousy is the fear of losing the connection, which stems from not feeling good enough, and not trusting your abilities enough.

35. Do you have enough intimacy?

It is very important that you share your innermost feelings with each other. Failure to do so may result in chills.

40 Important Relationship Issues For A Harmonious Life
40 Important Relationship Issues For A Harmonious Life

36. What is your sex life like?

Honesty and communication are also essential in this regard. Indicate your needs openly.

37. Are there situations where you understand each other without words?

Are there situations where you manage to tune in so much that it is unnecessary to speak out? If so, that’s a good sign, because that’s when the sense of belonging grows stronger.

38. Have you ever thought during your relationship that it would be better to break up?

Within a connection, the ups and downs are natural. It’s worth looking at what triggered the idea of ​​a breakup.

39. Can you imagine being with your partner for the rest of your life?

Do your values ​​and your purpose in life match? What is important to you? What is important to him?

40. How do you feel when you think about your common future?

When you ask yourself this question, just pay attention to the feelings that are developing in you!

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