Do You Know Why It Is Important To Get Enough Sleep? Here Is The Answer!

Do You Know Why It Is Important To Get Enough Sleep? Here Is The Answer!

A healthy adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep a day, compared to an average of 6 hours 40 minutes on weekdays and an average of 7 hours on weekends. That’s quite a bit. Depending on their age, children need even more sleep time, and they can take 11 to 18 hours off the day. With the right amount of sleep, we can be happier, more relaxed, stronger physically and mentally – and lose extra pounds faster. 

Do You Know Why It Is Important To Get Enough Sleep? Here Is The Answer!
Do You Know Why It Is Important To Get Enough Sleep? Here Is The Answer!

1. Depression, Against Insomnia

Kids tend to get up a little before falling asleep. As soon as the parent puts them to bed, they start bouncing, squealing, chasing. Then, of course, they pass into bed – at least, at least. It is important to put children to bed on time because a child who does not sleep regularly and satisfactorily as a child can become a depressed adult. Childhood insomnia can accompany a lifetime.

Those who sleep little in adulthood, possibly suffer from chronic insomnia, wake up in the middle of the night for no reason and are unable to fall back asleep, experience the days with difficulty. They can be depressed, upset, addicted to coffee or energy drinks, irritable, and in many cases even aggressive. Insomnia can cause severe mental illness.

2. For A Beautiful Face

After a good night’s sleep, looking in the mirror in the morning, a smooth, relaxed face looks back at us from the mirror. If you manage to sleep peacefully for 7-8 hours, there
will be no dark circles under your eyes, no gaze.

3. For Weight Loss

During sleep, hormones are released that regulate hunger, signaling to the brain at subsequent meals when we are eating well. The less we sleep, the less they can produce from them, so people who only sleep 5-6 hours on a regular basis are constantly tired and hungry, almost chirping. They are more likely to be obese and later suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. According to a survey, those who sleep at least 7 or more hours a day are 60 percent less likely to fall into one of the above conditions.

4. For Memorable Dreams

If we focus heavily on the moment we want to relive before falling asleep, it will almost certainly appear in our dreams. During the active period of dream sleep, the memories are very strongly recalled and almost re-lived.

5. For Better Performance

Most people are so excited before an important exam, event, presentation, or just an appointment that they can’t sleep. They feel that if they fall asleep, forget the curriculum, fall out of the rhythm of concentration, or simply fall asleep because of an overworked brain.

However, in such a case, we need to go to bed as early as possible to ensure that we have as much sleep as possible. If necessary, listen to soothing music, and drink a glass of honey, lukewarm milk, or some herbal soothing tea.

That way, we won’t bother our bodies with unnecessary insomnia, and resting after a good few hours of sleep will make our performance the next day much better. According to a survey, students who spent the night before their exams with plenty of sleep performed 56 percent better than those who studied, overwritten, or they may have gone through the night.

If you are trying to do an exercise in the evening and have a hard time, stop and lie down to sleep. If you wake up fresh again in the morning and focus on the task again, you will find that you can look at it from a completely different angle. Sleep clears thoughts, after waking up the brain works much more actively. It is no accident that they say: sleep on it!

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