10 Ways to Make Treadmill Workouts Less Boring

10 Ways to Make Treadmill Workouts Less Boring

Long treadmill workouts can seem dauntingly monotonous, especially if you’re used to running outdoors. Perhaps the monotony is the scariest in it. But many times a person has no choice – weather, injury, lack of time and has to do his cardio training on the bench.

10 Ways to Make Treadmill Workouts Less Boring
10 Ways to Make Treadmill Workouts Less Boring

1. Divide It In Your Head

One long-distance at a time is very frightening, so you’d rather break it down into several smaller details in your head. For example, if you have to run 10 kilometers, divide it into two five-kilometer stages and focus on just one section. That’s a lot friendlier, isn’t it?

2. A Little Fun

Listen to an interesting podcast about running or a chapter from an exciting book while you run. It’s a whole different experience than running to music. True, the landscape on the treadmill won’t change that way either, but it will completely distract you and you won’t even notice how the kilometers drift off. Not to mention hitting two birds in one fell swoop: playing sports and cultivating.

3. Diverse Music List

If you still prefer music, put together a separate playlist of your current favorite, fast-paced, motivating music for each longer workout. If you always listen to the same music, you will soon get bored of them. And if you have a couple of your current favorites and you can’t wait to hear them again, try to endure them until your workout, you’ll feel even more moving when the expected tunes finally sound.

4. Vary The Pace!

If you don’t have a workout plan, throw up your runs with a little playfulness. For example, run the last quarter of each kilometer at a faster pace or uphill, and then return to the original conditions. This will make treadmill training much more exciting.

5. Practice Proper Breathing And Posture

Use treadmill workouts to hone your technique. In this case, you do not have to pay attention to the terrain and other disturbing conditions outside. Concentrate on proper breathing, the right technique of running steps, and posture.

6. Power Cardio

Try “power cardio”. This is full-body endurance and strength training. Take small dumbbells or rubber bands in your hand and do exercises for your upper body – arm flexion, neck pressure, elbow flexion behind the head or backstroke pulls with a rubber band, etc. In the meantime, walk dynamically on the bench, even uphill.

7. Random Way

Take advantage of the treadmill’s “random” program, which will randomly set you the speed and incline you to need to keep. This will be really exciting as you will never know what terrain you will be “mistaken” for in the next minute.

8. Play With Numbers

Entertain yourself to the various features available. For example, guess how many calories you burn in 2-minute increments, how fast your heart rate goes up, or how stable you can keep your heart rate at a steady pace.

9. Find A Solution!

If you have a steady, moderate-intensity workout, take the time to think about a problem or task to solve. Find the necessary steps towards a solution. On the go, it’s much more helpful to think about this than when 60 minutes have passed.

10. Recycling

Do a treadmill during a treadmill workout: run 5-10 minutes at a time, then bounce off the treadmill and do 2-3 more exercises in a few repetitions – such as a squat or some weightlifting upper body strengthening exercise. Then, if you have it, go to the treadmill again and start all over again.

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