Focus On The Leg Muscles Exercise - Don't Neglect It!

Focus On The Leg Muscles Exercise – Don’t Neglect It!

The x-feet and o-feet are a common problem in our age, as are ankle sagging and goosefoot. Many people just ignore such complaints, even though our neglected leg muscles can affect our entire lives.

Because I work as a coach, the condition of their feet tells me a lot about the people who turn to me. You don’t have to be ashamed, you don’t have to hide any trouble – even in most cases, foot diseases can be cured even in adulthood, and beauty defects can also be corrected with movement, pressure therapy, tape, or, in more serious cases, surgery.

Focus On The Leg Muscles Exercise - Don't Neglect It!
Focus On The Leg Muscles Exercise – Don’t Neglect It!

Possible Problems

With my adult guests, we often do exercises that help uncover hidden problems. During one-legged exercises or even a simple squat, it is easy to see the goosefoot or ankle.

The x-foot or o-foot rarely occurs on its own, almost always accompanied by other complaints. The problem is usually caused by insufficient support for the muscles of the sole: this prevents the knee from staying on its axis, leaning it outwards or inwards, so it puts considerable pressure on the hips as well as the spine. Goosefoot or ankle sagging is very often responsible for back and waist pain.

It’s Worth Moving!

You will appreciate your body if you install regular training for your leg muscles and plantar muscles, as well as pay attention to your weight. You can prevent low back and spine pain, as well as hip wear and inflammation.

strong leg in good condition also tells you that you probably have the good lung capacity, as moving the muscles of the leg away from the heart requires a lot of oxygen, so it takes a lot of circulation. This is why foot training is often used to increase lung capacity, often to the point of exhaustion.

It has also been observed that a novice athlete will be more likely to feel ill if he overloads his leg during training, i.e. moderation is particularly important in this area.


  • Professionals always warn parents to choose shoes for their children carefully. In addition to the right footwear, supporting the development of movement and regular exercise can help prevent or remedy complaints.

  • Don’t be discouraged if you have a problem, as you can start your leg at any time. You can strengthen your muscles in a short time and this will have a beneficial effect on your gait.

  • Signs of generalized hypotension (loose muscles, decreased muscle tone) and hypertension (tight muscles) throughout the body are also seen on the legs. Without proper therapy, muscle abnormalities can lead to wear and inflammation and increase the risk of injury.

  • Weak, toned legs indicate that you did not play sports as a child and prefer to sit in front of the TV, as the skeletal muscles do not develop properly in these areas. The situation is only exacerbated by the lack of sedentary work and physical activity. And being overweight is especially dangerous!

  • The cam is mostly the result of poor shoe selection, and the sagging of the transverse vault is usually due to weakness in the leg muscles. This causes the bones and joints of the big toe to move due to the disproportionate distribution of the weight placed on it.

  • The antidote to ankle lowering is strong leg muscles, especially the calves, and a small but more important tendon – the tendon of the posterior tibial muscle supports the longitudinal arch of the inner ankle. With special leg exercises and strengthening exercises, these can be improved, so that your feet will not only be healthier but also provide a more beautiful appearance. You won’t even tread the inside of the shoe. While the muscles are strengthening, it is advisable to use an insole.

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