Who am I? Why is it important to know the answer?

Who am I? Why is it important to know the answer?

Who am I? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Do you know what self-concept is and how important it is in your life?

Sooner or later in your life, the time will come when you will ask yourself the question: who am I?

There are those who prefer to postpone this question, even though deep in their souls they are preoccupied with the meaning of life. Some people have been researching themselves all their lives because they want to know who they really are.

Who am I? Why is it important to know the answer to this question?

When you know your true self, managing your life also becomes easier. Defining your identity gives you a sure starting point to return to in any difficult life situation.

When you know your limits, you are aware of your abilities, you know where you are going, you are going your own way. You are aware of what brings you inner peace and happiness.

Who am I? Why is it important to know the answer?
Who am I? Why is it important to know the answer?

How to get here? Only through your experience can you realize who you really are. The experience is given to you by the path of self-knowledge, which is about overcoming your fears, as you can really improve during the competitions.

What does the concept of self mean? Why is it decisive?

The self-concept consists of three components, these are my ideal, my self-image, and my self-esteem.

My ideal is the imagined person you want to be. It has features that you find useful, often carrying the characteristics of your role models.

The self-image is what you really are and how you consider yourself to be. Luckily, self-image and reality coincide.

The degree of your self-esteem depends on the distance between your ideal and your self-image. The more realistic your ideal and self-image are, the more likely you are to find your inner peace.

It is important that my ideal and self-image are addressed in place.

If you place excessive expectations on yourself, the difference between my ideal and my self-image will increase. As a result, you may set goals that are unrealistic for you to achieve.

What are the benefits of knowing the answer to a question? What are the disadvantages, if not?

Who am I? I know the answer!

The quality of your life is largely determined by knowing yourself.

It also affects the quality of your human relationships, your development, and your ability to resolve conflicts, if you know who you really are.

  • You know your positive and negative qualities, you take on yourself.
  • You are aware and well-assessed of your own boundaries, and you are even aware that these boundaries can be expanded.
  • You realistically assess your situation and know which qualities you need to use to achieve your goals.

Who am I? I do not know the answer!

In this case, all areas of life are at a disadvantage or against someone who knows themselves. Why is this happening? The answer is that you don’t care enough about yourself.

It is characteristic of the society of the present age that people pay attention almost only to things in the outside world. They forget to observe their inner world, though understanding the soul is key.

Who am I Why is it important to know the answer
Who am I Why is it important to know the answer

Due to a lack of awareness, unhappiness and incompetence characterize the lives of many people. They are reluctant to put energy into getting to know themselves, I think there are two main reasons behind this.

One reason is that they are not taught how to do this. The other factor is fear because when they get closer to their hard-to-accept parts, they run away from the challenges.

When you run away from the challenges, you don’t even gain experience, so you can’t know who you really are. As a result, you may misjudge your place in the world.

You may be disappointed, you may have conflicts with yourself and the environment around you.

Who am I really? How can you get closer to the answer?

1. Observe your behavior, feelings, reactions

This is the first step to understanding yourself. Most people usually ask themselves questions when they are in a difficult situation or don’t understand something. You can only reveal who you are by asking yourself questions.

The question may rightly arise in you: how do I do it? Create a peaceful environment around you, it is best if you are alone at this time and you are not affected by the outside world.

Take a look at one of the areas of your life!

  • What kind of life do you want in the future?
  • Are you happy with your current life or would you change it?
  • If change is needed, how can you do it?
  • Do you do the job you love?
  • Are you having a good time in your relationship?
  • How are you feeling right now?

Without claiming to be exhaustive, I have listed a few questions, of course, the line could still be continued.

Then answer the questions you have asked yourself. It is recommended to answer in writing so that you can recall your thoughts later on.

2. Know what a social comparison is and handle it in place

With the help of social comparison, you are able to place yourself in the world. When you compare yourself to others, feelings arise in you.

What are these feel like? Observe this for yourself!

In the event that you experience a feeling of lack during such a comparison, it may already provide you with useful information. You can recognize what is missing, and what could be changed.

It is also important who you compare yourself to.

When you compare your life to very different people from you, you can easily feel negative feelings and disappointments. For example, if you’re a 40-year-old office worker, it’s not worth comparing yourself to a 20-year-old pop star.

Rather, compare yourself to people closer to you in age and lifestyle. This will give you a more accurate picture of yourself and the areas of life where you need to improve.

3. Face yourself

Asking yourself questions and mapping your place in the world is a good place to start.

Can you look in the mirror now? Can you accept each of your properties?

Full acceptance is fraught with difficulties because you will face unpleasant and painful realizations.

Many people take this step because it is really stressful, especially spiritually. In the absence of sweaty work, however, there will be no results either.

Who am I Why is it important to know the answer
Who am I Why is it important to know the answer

4. Take the path of action

The question “who am I” can only be answered in practice. After mapping yourself, you already have the theoretical knowledge you need to use for your development.

Fears are natural, but I encourage you to dare to cut into what you are afraid of. Changes are always preceded by crises, this is inevitable.

Only through successful battles can you reach self-knowledge, solid self-confidence, and a state of inner calm.

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