How to Practice Walking Meditation With These Simple Steps

How to Practice Walking Meditation With These Simple Steps

The essence of meditation is not the session itself, so walking meditation can also be a good choice. Meditation is a spiritual practice that can be used to develop self-awareness. It promotes physical and mental health by calming and soothing the mind.

How to Practice Walking Meditation With These Simple Steps
How to Practice Walking Meditation With These Simple Steps

Beneficial effects: relieves anxiety, improves well-being and increases the ability to concentrate. It can lower blood pressure and increase circulation. It can help you overcome addictions and is also beneficial in case of insomnia. Since the point of meditation is not to control your consciousness, just to observe it and thereby discover, and experience the present moment, walking is the perfect time to practice. Walking meditation is ideal if you find it difficult to stay still in one place anyway. Let’s see what you have to do!

1. The Location

First, find a place that is as quiet as possible. Your chosen path – it could be a path in the park, in the woods, or even a secluded, quiet corridor, but by no means a grand boulevard – doesn’t have to belong. The important thing is that you can go through it slowly and safely without any goals. Turn off your cell phone. If it helps you relax, you can listen to meditation music in the meantime.

2. Don’t Hurry, Don’t Rush!

Once you have the venue, start by simply affording the job. You’re not in a hurry for a moment, you’re not rushing anywhere, you’re not stressed. Just stand at one point, feeling your weight pressing against your heels and your entire soul to the ground. Be aware of the minor movements you need to keep your balance.

3. Feel The Step!

Take a few deep breaths and start walking slowly. Do not change anything compared to your average gait, just make the movements conscious, and pay attention to your steps. Feel your feet put down: first your heels, then roll your whole feet. Feel your toes touch, what it feels like to be in your shoes, what the material of your socks is like. Feel the ground under the sole.

Then watch your muscles move along your entire body. Feel your clothes touch your body and follow your movement. Also, focus on how the air reaches your exposed skin surface. Keep your arms loose, swing naturally.

4. Rhythm Of Breathing

As you walk, try to consciously relax the muscles you are focusing on. Observe how this affects your gait. Try to consider your belly as the center of your being, as if your consciousness resides there. You can help with this by breathing. Feel your mind calm down. Pay attention to your breathing: inhale and exhale should be roughly the same length. You can control this with the number of steps you take.

5. Let Go Of Your Thoughts!

Do not look at any specific object or living thing. If you notice something from the outside world that distracts you, don’t deal with it for too long. Let it leave your field of vision without your gaze fixed on it. Let the thoughts come and go like clouds of lambs in the sky. Don’t cling to them.

6. How Do You Feel?

Notice how you feel during walking meditation. Are you experiencing any pleasant or even unpleasant physical symptoms? What are your feelings? You are bored? Are you happy? Are you nervous? Just take notes, but don’t control them.

7. In Balance

As soon as you manage to look at external and internal things at the same time, you will be in balance. Your mind slows down, calms down, and clears up. Try to maintain this balance as long as possible. The more you practice, the easier it will be to get into this state.

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